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The Indigo Pixies

The Indigo Pixies are a family of magical, multicultural fairies that help children build the confidence they need to achieve challenging developmental milestones. Each Pixie specializes in a specific challenge – from ending pacifier use to potty training to bedtime etiquette – and carries with it a vibrant story book, plush doll and interactive nursery rhyme to help parents transform these sometimes difficult struggles into a meaningful bonding experience.


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Pacifier Close up

Solving The Pacifier Weaning Puzzle

So you have decided its time to wean your child off of their pacifier and you have heard many ways that other parents have been successful at it, but will their methods work for your child? Lets look at some of the way other parents have been successful at it. Cut the Pacifier – some cut it into little pieces until its gone. This

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5 Reasons To Wean Your Child Off of Their Pacifier

Its endearing to see a baby with a pacifier in their mouths. It symbolizes tranquility and comfort and is seen by most as a staple in the newborn world but what about the negative effects a pacifier can have on the child? Here are 5 reasons why it might be a good idea to purge the paci. According to a study reported in Pediatrics,

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Indigo Magic – Winner At the Merrimack Valley Sandbox

Cheryl Hajjar of Indigo Magic was recently was awarded $4,000 at the 2014 Sandbox Winter Accelerator Awards Celebration. The event, held in Lawrence on March 6, marked the conclusion of the third Merrimack Valley Sandbox Accelerator Program, held from December 2013 to February 2014. Fourteen early-stage ventures participated in the program, moving their businesses and nonprofit organizations forward with the help of workshops, mentors,

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